How do I get my Measurements?

The quickest and easiest way to get accurate measurements is to have a friend measure you using our AirBespoke measurements form: AirBespoke_Measurement_Form.pdf


If you would like a greater assurance that your measurements are correct, you can kindly ask a local tailor to take your measurements and send them to us. 


Can I send in a clothing item that fits great, and have the measurements taken from that?

Yes, we will even offer to pick up the piece of clothing or pay for shipping both-ways if you reside on the front range. As we expand, we anticipate offering this service to more markets. 


Can AirBespoke recreate a suit from a picture?

Yes! send us any image of a suit and we will send it to the tailor that is most capable of recreating your suit. Pull an image from pinterest, take a snap of your more stylish friend, or even take a screenshot form the latest James Bond film; our tailors our the best in the world at recreating any suit custom your measurements.


Can I get my suit monogrammed?

YES! simply tell us what letters you want monogrammed and in what font. We can also monogram certain images, simply upload a vector image of your logo. 


What does it cost to ship?

Order your suit before June and shipping to the United States is FREE. For the EU, Australia, and other countries standard shipping rates currently apply. 


What do I do if the Suit does not fit correctly?

Please contact us. We are invested in your success, and a perfectly tailored suit can help expedite that success.


Our complimentary resizing credits that you can redeem after visiting your local tailor will most likely be all that is needed to set your suit fitting perfectly. If the suit is beyond alteration by a local tailor; send us the suit and we will promptly send you a new one using a different tailor. Two-way shipping is on us.


Can AirBespoke make woman’s suits?

Yes, upload a picture of any woman’s suit or even a dress and we’ll get back to you with a quote right away. 


How often do I need to dry clean my AirBespoke suit?

Not as often as you would think. Compared to suits made from lesser quality fabrics, AirBespoke suits contain a greater percentage of high quality real wool. The higher quality the wool content the better moisture and odor control your suit will possess. Compared to a Polyester based suit that is common at off the rack retailers, an AirBespoke suit can go 3-5 times longer without dry-cleaning, stay unwrinkled longer, and shed lint, pet hair, or other dirtying agents more effectively. 


How can I be assured that my AirBespoke suit is made using fair working conditions?

We carefully vet all of our tailors before we partner with them. We only work with small tailor operations that work out of their storefront; not out of a factory.