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*Cashmere Wool From $245*

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AirBespoke's global network of tailors

contains the expertise and textiles 

to expertly recreate the suit of your fancy. At a fraction of the price. 


Your purchasing power optimized.


Find a suit you love. Our Master Tailors can recreate almost any suit you find in a magazine, or online. You can then further customize your suit if you care to do so. Sending side and back shots of the suit can facilitate in your perfect recreation. 

Within hours we'll find the right tailor for the job, and send you a quote dependant upon the fabrics you go with. For higher end fabrics (Cashmere Wool, Silk) expect ~$270. Or about 1/4th what the guy in the picture paid...

Send your measurements our way. If you don't have them already, self measuring is easy with the measurement walkthrough form. *Soon you will be able to use our depth imaging software for better than tailored precision. 

Now sit back, relax and wait for those fresh treads to arrive at your doorstep.

With always free shipping your suit will arrive in the time it would traditionally take a local tailor.




Amazing. Guaranteed

Need Some Adjustments?

We'll give you a $50 resizing credit to use at your local seamstress


Still not fitting perfectly?

We'll remake your suit from the ground up


Just not Your Style?

Full refund is on the way


By sourcing our suits directly from local Vietnamese tailors the price you pay is 1/4th that of a traditional tailor.

Our platform consists of local tailors operating their own businesses and provides increased access to customers in the developed world. 

Radically Accessible Price

World Renowned Craftsmanship

Empowering Local Tailors

Modernizing the Custom Industry

We are working tirelessly to transform the custom tailoring industry, which we at AirBespoke believe to be clunky and outdated.


The tailors of Hoi An Vietnam are legendary for their bespoke tailoring skills passed from generation to generation.

“I have always struggled to find the big three in formal wear: fit, style, and price. AirBespoke makes this process a breeze, all while empowering communities most in need.”​

~Robert Haisfield

Marketing Coordinator at Mobileday

"Purchasing from Vietnamese tailors can be daunting, especially if you can't be there in person. AirBespoke essentially erases any concerns with their resizing credits and full refund policy."

~Joe Meyer

Engineering Student

"Before AirBespoke you would have had to wonder the back streets of Hoi An, Vietnam to happen upon the locally famous Miss Forget Me Knot Tailor. Now her wonderfully priced suits are a click away."

~Wyatt Kinion


The Classics.

AirBespoke curates classically stylish suits from our platform of master tailors around the world. Connecting you to the incredible craftsmanship and prices only a plane ride and a local guide could previously offer.